PROJECT X ... The Clubs own bike

Over the last few years there was an idea that had been mulled over a few times but had never gone any further, other than a bit of chat. Well over Xmas 2009, club member Paul Dawkins approached the club committee with a proposal to purchase a bike.

Paul`s plan was purchasing an Air-cooled RD, then donating this bike to the club for use as a restoration project over the next few years. It`s something that club members can donate their time towards, to create the Air-cooled RD Owners Club Bike. Between us we have a lot of skills and expertise and those who think they are not capable of restoring parts can still help with transport and contacts etc. Well, the idea was debated in the moderator`s area on the forum and suggested to the other committee members and roundly agreed that an offer like this should not be ignored so this is the result.

After many months of begging, borrowing and stealing Project X was finally finished and is being enjoyed all around the country by members of the club.

We cannot cover the full story here but the rebirth of Project X is fully documented on our forum :
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