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Whilst out on the back roads around Lancaster today. Running in a tight top end. On my 400.
I came across a couple walking. When he heard the Allspeeds coming down the hill towards him. He was jumping up & down like an excited kid. Brought a great smile to both our faces. Not so sure about his wife though.
This never happens on any other bike
Only 70/80,s 2 stroke. Unfortunately, due to the running in. I could not give it a hand full.

Hi Hustler

Sorry for late reply only just seen the post.

It was me, I was trying to get you to stop and have a chat. My wife is not a full 2 stroke fan though she does enjoy taking the RD out but will not ride the KH I have put her off riding it, as it does not stop or corner like the RD.

Next time your out pop in for a chat we live just at the top of the hill you saw us on. I will send you a message with my phone number.



Sorry. I just thought you was excited😁
We have met previously at John Carr,s.

Hi Hustler
Sorry but at the moment I can't place you.
We enjoy our trips to see John and Steve for the MOT's and services.

The offer still stands you are welcome at our place for a tea or coffee and see the bikes.


Cheers. I may just take you up on that.
John has emerged from Bat Flu hiding.
So it's back to the old John & Steve show.


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