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GDPR and SSL security

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Hi All,

To satisfy the new Data Protection Act coming into force in May (GDPR) I have to make the site more secure so it will be changing from http to https. It basically means that any info you input regarding personal details i.e. when new members sign up, it will be fully encrypted and completely secure from hackers etc.

As I have to install our new SSL certificate there may be some Forum downtime so my apologies if this happens.

For your part you need do nothing if you have the site saved as a shortcut or bookmark as it will redirect to the https site in the future.

There is more to this than just the SSL certificate but I will update you as I change things.



good job we have you Barrie, you may as well be speaking chinese for all i understand about ssl etc . If asked I would have said GPDR and SSL where badges on the back of a Mercedes car  :D :D :D :D

Update !!

I strongly urge you all to now use as your new saved bookmark/shortcut/favourite as the forum is now much more secure at this address. I have checked the security using all browsers and Chrome and Mozilla show the site as "not completely secure" but this is down to the fact that we all uploaded our avatars many moons ago and they were uploaded using http and not https. I can assure you that the forum is now as secure as it can ever be. Click the icon before the address in your toolbar and view the SSL certificate that I installed via our hosting provider GoDaddy.

You should also see the Mcafee logo in the bottom right hand corner which certifies the security. Click the icon for more info.

I appreciate most of you dont care about all this nonsense but if we do not comply there is a maximum fine of 20 million Euros  8) :o

Not sure we could raise that with a whip round !

We might manage 20 Euros.
Do any of these changes affect us Tapatalk folk?


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