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figured I would share one more bike. This was a bike I owned and sold several years ago. I was the second owner. Purchased with low miles and loved the bike! Unfortunately I sold it about 3 years ago. I instantly regretted the sale. Out of the blue, the guy who purchased the bike made contact with me. Next thing you know, I am once again the proud (now forth) owner of the bike once again. I do not plan on letting it go anytime soon. It is a 2000 Kawasaki ZRX1100 with super low miles, all the nice goodies (including a full muzzy stainless header) and all the stock parts are wrapped up nearly in the garage.

You will love the 400. Welcome from East Tennessee!

thanks for the welcome! I cannot wait to enjoy the 400 this summer. If only winter would end soon!!
and finally- here is the RD400 that I am picking up this weekend from Minnesota. Can't wait to get the bike. This one looks to be in really nice, stock condition. My plan- leave it alone and enjoy it!

next up was the GT185. I got this bike for free. It came in boxes and parts. It was also very, very rough and missing tons of parts. I also did a custom build on this one. Just sold it this past summer to purchase the kawasaki S3 pictured in my first post.

You will love the 400. Welcome from East Tennessee!
here is my first 2 cycle that I owned. It was a Suzuki T500 titan. It was purchased locally for $500 and it was really, really rough. Extremely rusty and corroded. Missing tons of parts. I immediately made the decision to make a custom, rather than restore it. I felt that restoration would have been cost prohibitive. It was a fun little bike, but I grew tired of it and moved on. Sold it for a really nice chunk of change to purchase a brand new Indian Scout bobber, which I still own

here is my current 2 cycle- its a Kawasaki S3 400 with K2Tec chambers from Japan. Otherwise the bike is stock (except the paint color).
i picked it up last summer in pretty decent condition. It needed a few things here and there, but now it runs really well.

Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Fuel feed issue
« Last post by 714tomp on Today at 02:09:52 AM »
Fuel won't feed to carbs,but flows from petcock? Please advise.. Thx
Torque Introduction / new to this forum. getting an RD400 this weekend
« Last post by sbaugz on Today at 02:05:09 AM »
Hello - new to this forum and new to yamaha twin 2 strokes. I am not new to 2 strokes in general.
I have owned dozens of bikes over the last 3 decades, but my favorite are the two cycles.
One of the early bikes that I learned on back in high school was my brother's Kawasaki H1 500 that he still owns after nearly 40 years.
For me, my first two cycle was a suzuki T500 titan, followed by a suzuki GT185 and presently a Kawasaki S3 400.
I recently found a really nice RD400 and will be picking it up this weekend. Can't wait to learn lots from the experts here!
Very interesting discussion. I have always fancied a pair of Lectrons but they are expensive and would probably not fit on a TA125. I had large Amals on my air cooled RD250 kart engine, which worked well.

Hi Gavin!  I agree that there is a lot of scope for different carbs on engines.  But, it is also true that even within the expected size range some carbs are a lot better than others.  It can be difficult to tell.  Of course, it is even more of a problem where the parts are rare.
BTW, these TA125 carbs are big for the capacity. Even if 26mm is correct, that is only about 12cc displacement per square cm of venturi area, if 28mm then only 10cc/cmsquared.  ???  A TZ250 has  about 14cc/cm on 34's and a TZ350 about 15cc/cm on 38's.  Bear in mind, these are old 70's carbs and they cannot match the ratios you see with some later 2T carbs.

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