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Indicator problems


Hi guys !!
Weird one for you !
I have fitted aftermarket indicators to my 400f uk bike upon rebuild and I have fitted an aftermarket relay.
Now! All is fine on the left side as in front , rear & dash lights flash when indicating left.
But on the right side only the front and dash light flashes until I unbolt the right indicator and remove it from the headlight, then all 3 flash as they should !! The front indicator shorts to the headlight ear and the rear stops flashing if I touch the indicator stem to the headlight ear !!!!
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Are you saying the metal from the indicator stem shorts when it touches the headlamp metal? I do know that older indicators with one wire set up have the ground set to the metal of the indicator. I bought repros with 2 wires and the negative is connected to frame ground instead. If so then I would take apart the indicator bulb holder and see if there is an issue with the wires in there?

Yes my aftermarket indicators do only have one live wire feed and I have opened the light but not found anything strange.
What I will do though, is open the left hand front indicator which works fine, to see if that one is wired differently or is different by design inside.
It’s strange how one side works but the other doesn’t !!
I’m not entirely sure I’ve got them wired correctly to be honest.


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