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Hello gents can anybody recommend a clutch kit for the rd400E please mine has started slipping under load.
many thanks in advance John

Guess you have done the adjustments and you are using an MA2 oil?  The slip might be worn plates, but not always.  I have used EBC plates and they are good.  OTOH, I have used cheaper pattern ones and they were fine as well.  Springs, check the length.  You only need the standard Yamaha ones for a good condition clutch with MA2 oil.


The other thing to check is thr clutch basket doesnt have little ridges on  ,if so they can be cleaned up with a small needle file and or emery cloth.

hello gents thanks very much for your replies i adjusted the clutch a few times just to make sure and using the recommended motul transoil as soon as you hit 6000 revs going uphill the clutch starts to slip.

Fair enough, strip it down and measure the plates and springs.
Recommended motul transoil?  If you mean the version that just says wet clutch compatible and is not MA2, that is probably just their mineral oil.  You can get a far better modern synthetic 10w-30 with MA2 standard.  ;)



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