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Reed valves, RD250A


I noticed the petals on my reed valve (haven't checked both reeds yet, only one) are not sitting flat on the reed body surface, at the tips and I can see daylight through the gap.  I am assuming that over the years they have taken a slight "set" - or is this normal?  The bike seems to run OK, and its only a slight gap but I would have expected the valve petals to be sat flat against the reed body itself.  Any thoughts?

The steel reeds do this over time. At the old times I flipped side and cured the problem for some time.
Also reed blocks do wear. I replaced the reed blocks on my RD for a few years back for that reason.

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Well, I found the answer. I took the reeds off the block, flipped them over, refitted, and there was still a gap. It looks like the rubber on the reed block has shrunk back a bit. Seeing as the bike runs ok, I will just refit them and carry on. The original screws to hold the reeds on the block have captive spring washers but the replacement, part number 98580-03008 does not. Not sure why that's the case.


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