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400D front brakes

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mike leflay:
What are peoples thoughts on the std front brake, mine was always on the soft side back in the 80s, it has not realy improved with age and I am a bit more risk averse theese days so looking to improve it. Still got std hoses so could go braided but just not sure that is going to be enough.

What have others done and what do you reccomend?

Modern pads and braided hoses might help, whilst not being too expensive.

Folks have posted here that the earlier C/D brakes were better than the later E ones.

I've always found the C/D brakes better than the E.  The C/D brake in good order is a good brake.

How old are the rubber parts (caliper seals, pipes) ?   It might be time for a brake overhaul.

I assume the brake fluid is fresh?  I'm a bit OTT and change the brake fluid every year.

mike leflay:
Thanks, pads, hoses and fluid are all new so cheap options aare all done, might try some braided hoses next.

have you stripped and cleaned the calipers and fitted new seals making sure pistons are nice and free before rebuilding , new stainless pistons are available at a very good price if you look , get rthe bits from NSRNick aka RDBitz on ebay he knowa exactly what he is doing with these brakes


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