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No front headlight bar when pressing pass

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Help ....
I have an issue which I don't know when it started.

All elecs work fine bar headlight.
Lights on switch - parking light only comes on,
nothing from main headlight.
Full beam switch - nothing.
pass switch - headlight bulb lights up.

Now it is not the bulb as bought new.

Now I am red green colour blind so it is
impossible really for me to strip out and redo
connections in that mass of wires in the headlight.
A shame as I have all the tools to make new connections.

Can anyone who is near assist?
Anyone know a good motorcycle garage near
Bridgwater ?

A mad ask this I know but thought I'd try.
Thus damned headligh
t mass is the only thing
I can't really tackle.

I expect to be fully lambasted for this mad request ....

Do you belong to the VJMC there are some good lads in the Taunton and Bridgwater section
somerset classic motorcycles maybe
Alpha classic motorcyles Highbridge

Will check out. thanks !

I have wired in a trailer to  car ... by using logic and
a color app but the headlight in my RD is so packed of wires
even though I could make all new perfect bullet connections
I can never logically sort that mass of wires even with
te diagrams.

This one is a dumb ass can't do full stop and sickenly

I'll try those guys .....

Astute Greaser:
Sorry Jools
You were playing with the Kill switch that also contains the lights on/off switch. I would check that first, as any one of those 3 wires loose will give the symptoms you describe. Alternately the switch itself. Pass and parking lights are powered via the ignition switch which explains why they would be unaffected if its the RH on/off switch. Lot easier to check that out first before going into rats nest .
You were talking of a pattern replacement. Did that happen.
Most blokes have level of colour blindness. Doesn't affect women (except a rare few but they only see monochrome), which is why they are better at choosing and matching paint. Myself problem with shades blue/green. Need very powerful light to help distinguish but have called on daughter before now  ::)
Best of luck

Blown fuse?
The flash still works with the fuse blown.


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