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RD400E crankshaft special o-ring

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Rebuilding my 400E engine. Rebuilt crank and rebore.

The Haynes manual shows a ‘special Seal’, page 43 fig 30.1a
I believe part Number 360-11526-00-00 on the primary drive
Side of the crank.

I didn’t fit one last time and it’s proving difficult to
Source unless I pay stupid money in the USA on ebay
For who know what quality.

Do I really need to fit this

Fleabay shows a couple in Germany. Price is £25 - £30 posted, but I don't know if this constitutes stupid money!

Thanks….spotted them and stuck one in my basket.

They are manufactured from time to time but not
Available right now but cost £5.50 plus post when
They are.

Just wanted to know if they are essential

if yours is a uk E and you mean the o ring with a square lump attached it is not fitted to the E/F engines

And, you really should get (download, buy,  whatever) the Yamaha manual. Then toss Haynes.


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