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Hi, I only joined the club last week and was looking to join the BMF mainly to see if I can get a good price for insurance for my new (old) bike. Does anyone know the discount code that the club is entitled to when applying to join the BMF or is discount no longer available?  :'(

Astute Greaser:
If you are a paid up club member then you have access to the
AIRCOOLEDRDCLUB FORUM »    Club Member's Area »    Member Services »    BMF 2020 Discount Code
not sure if that's the latest code
You will be receiving some back issues of the club magazine. In the back you will find discount codes for a fair number of different places.
Some will require your membership number.
Admin hopefully will update your status presently. This is not automatic requiring Admin to manually change.
However if you are just forum member this is not available to you. Well worth the small fee.


Upgraded to club member

Thanks for the information.
I did join the club before joining the forum so will look into things as soon as possible, cheers.

you should be able to see the members section now
has for sale and wanted sections in there


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