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Winter storage
« on: January 18, 2023, 11:24:38 AM »
In the UK, if a bike is not being used for a few months, is it best to run the carbs dry and drain the tank out, or is it best to fill the tank to the top?

I always put stabiliser in the fuel, but its rust I worry about.

How about a dash of oil mixed in the fuel?

Without float bowl drain plugs its not easy...........
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Re: Winter storage
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2023, 01:01:06 PM »
I just keep the tank fairly full with the lowest ethanol content fuel available.
No need for anything else.
I also start the bike every week or so and run it for a while till hot.
Draining the carbs can do more harm than good.

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Re: Winter storage
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2023, 01:28:52 PM »
I drain the carbs, fill the tank add stabilizer, put on a battery tender. I live in northeast Ohio.

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Re: Winter storage
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2023, 02:12:03 PM »
Put on centerstand to reduce carbs sticking due to taking on angled set, plus too level fuel in tank and oil in gearbox. Turn tank off and run till carbs cut out.
Drops of 2T down bores. Once a month give gentle kick over.
My tanks are lined so I do drain. With 2 bikes and other petrol tools, I do not like to leave fuel as potential fire risk in garage that's not visited as frequently in this cold weather. All goes in Jerry cans. I had balance line that perished and dumped full tank on floor which ran under door, down driveway into road  :-[ :-[

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Re: Winter storage
« Reply #4 on: January 18, 2023, 02:35:45 PM »
I agree that the tank should be empty for safety reasons. Fuel tap or cross-over line (or even some rust pinholes) might drain the tank onto the garage floor. With electric heater you may get a serious fire.
Personally I have a dehumidifier taking care of the rust threats and leave flammable liquids out of the bike.

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