Author Topic: JCW97N - 350A, XVR806S - 250DX & NNF106W - 400F  (Read 487 times)

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JCW97N - 350A, XVR806S - 250DX & NNF106W - 400F
« on: January 04, 2023, 08:19:38 PM »
I would be interested to see if any of the above survived in one form or another :-

JCW97N - Feb 1975 RD350A - bought as a standard work hack from a guy in Great Sankey Warrington in August 1981 - came with some wonderful extras including a bikini fairing with voltmeter and crash bars wrapped in black tape :) By the time I went to work on it the next morning most of it was in the bin. Kept in 4 years until August 1985. Standard burgundy paintwork and was still 5 speed. Painted frame red and fitted centron expansions (owned by Micron if I remember correctly), K&N's, Boyesen reeds etc. 2:4 style seat off coffin tank model that we had to cut the foam down. RD400 back light and mudguard, XS650 front mudguard and T bars!!! Think it was last on the road in 1995 and a v5 issued in 2013 but since then the plate is now on a transit van :(

XVR806S - Jun 1978 RD250DX in silver with wire wheels. Bought in Jan 1985 paid £35 for it when nobody wanted 250's. Kept it about 6 months and then someone offered me £50, so sold it. Last on road in 1991 and was white by then. 

NNF106W - Sep 1980 RD400F in white. Bought in Feb 1985 for £200 and kept for a year or so and sold for £250. Ex-proddy racer with various bits still wired up. Microns and 2:4 style seat in red and blue. Sold to mate who sold it on again about 6 months later to a guy in Chester possibly in the Christleton or Littleton area. Last on road in 1987. The one I wish I had really kept!!

Any information greatfully received, cheers.