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Yamaha RD125. The Model Guide

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The Basic Yamaha RD125 Model Guide

This is a list of the models thru the 125cc range to the best of my knowledge. This list is UK based. Overseas models details may vary.

This is the AS1 125 twin that preceded the RD looking bikes. Photo, taken by me, this one came to the annual Aircooled club Rally and did the 80 mile rideout.

This is the 1972/3 AS3 125 that preceded the RD range.

In 1974 and 75 the round tank RD125A and B models were produced.

The 1976 RD125DX This is the only style where I can find written confirmation of the DX tag.Colours Brilliant Red, High Sparkle Light Green, Silver Dust, Low Gloss Black and Marine Blue. In France the model was sold as the Yamaha RDX125

This is the RD125D style produced in 1977/78.Colours Crystal Silver, Space Blue, Competition Yellow, Chappy Red

This is the RD125E style produced in 78/79. Around this time there was a change over to alloy wheels. (see the wheels in the RD200 picture below)

The last of the RD125 from 1979/80 with alloy wheels. (the picture below shows a 200 which would look almost identicle) The 125/200 were still produced when the new RD250/350LC"s replaced the RD400"s. The 125/200 just got new graphics.

The watercooled single cylinder RD125LC replaced the Aircooled range.

which finally developed into the TZR125

Wot you see above is just a basic guide there are many variations around the world. I will try to add more of the model colours and numbers when I can. If you have any information and details to add then please do so below and I will see wot I can do to add to the listing. If you are new and have a question then please ask via the "tech section" or try the forum "search". Many questions repeat so your answer may already be there. If not or No luck then please ask

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