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Yamaha RD250. The Model Guide

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The Basic Yamaha RD250 Model Guide  

This is a list of the models thru the 250cc range to the best of my knowledge. This list is UK based. Overseas models details may vary.

The Apprentice RD, the Yamaha YDS7 from 1971/72

1973. The Yamaha RD250.

In Butterfly Blue, there is a lot of debate as to this being a plain RD250 or was it the first "A". Personally I sway to the plain RD250. Some of the very first RD250"s had the front drum brake fitted.

1974. The Yamaha RD250A.

Now this is the "A" model, its in Brigade Blue. As you can see I had one of these at 17. The 250"s had 5 gears on the road but actually 6 in the gearbox. You could remove a blanking plate to get the extra gear.

1975. The Yamaha RD250B.

1976. The Yamaha RD250C.

The coffin tank shape, which was rather radical at the time. The RD250C never had cast wheels with a rear drum brake. Bikes seen, for sale, with them fitted described as original have aftermarket wheels.

1977. The Yamaha RD250D.

This is Mervins bike. Mervin adds "wire wheels with rear disc was standard, alloys where a ?20 optional extra on the 250, when i got mine the dealer had one silver one and one blue one left both had wire wheels, he was waiting on the E,s coming in at the time but that was a price jump of about ?50/60 I think"

Oh Dear Where did it all go wrong. Yamahas first 4-stroke 250 appeared about now as well. The XS250, sorry the styling just does nothing for me.....

There does not seem to be an enthusiasm for them so they do not command big money. Bring one to our club rally and you just may have the rarest bike there!!

1978 on wards. The Yamaha RD250E/F

Both models were similar but now fitted with electronic ignition. The wheels can also be painted red. Brake and clutch levers are dog leg shape on the F model.


The 1976 Yamaha RD250C.

As produced in Germany with wire wheels and rear disc brake. The colour is grey, they also came in Blue and Black variations. The wire wheels weigh less than the mags but tend to be rare to find.

Wot you see above is just a basic guide there are many variations around the world. I will try to add more of the model colours and numbers when I can. If you have any information and details to add then please do so below and I will see wot I can do to add to the listing. If you are new and have a question then please ask via the "tech section" or try the forum "search". Many questions repeat so your answer may already be there. If not or No luck then please ask

I have people continually telling me that my "73 RD250 is not an RD, since they never came with a front tls drum.As far as the Australian market is concerned, the RD250 was released in late "72 as a "73 model.The RD250A came out during "73, fitted with the front disc.

Some very first RD250 had a drum fitted. They appeared in the UK later than everywhere else. We never had the drum bike here.

the drum brake model was launched during a wrangle over the design of the Yamaha brake caliper which prevented the design from being made available in the US and the pacific area eventually a deal was struck allowing the design to be used and thats when the RD got a disc outside of Europe


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