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Hello everyone

First post here and friendly socially distanced wave to all. I don't actually have an RD (although I have had in the past) but I do have one of the older vertically split 250's - a YDS6. I bought it a couple of years back as a, well, lets say less than optimal, US import, from a south midlands dealer. Its been stripped down to as many parts as I could get from it and rebuilt. The engine has had the usual crank, resleeve/ rebore, pistons, bearings, seals, clutch etc rebuild and I got it back on the road last autumn. This year's plan is to get it reliable!

I'm based near Oxford in the UK, old enough to remember these things first time round and the DS6 shares the garage with a B120 Suzuki and an H1 Kawasaki (plus a few other four strokes). Picture below (if it works)



Looks to me like you've made a cracking job of it!  ;)

Welcome, nice bike.

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Welcome to our Forum, what a cracking DS6 you have  8)

Welcome and nice job on the bike. How about some pics of the H1?


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