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LMB 249P is out there somewhere.

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It was a silver 350b bought by my mate brand new from H Dugdales at alvanley.

hmm last taxed nov 81 
 Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 27 April 1981
maybe in a shed somewhere though my current 250D was parked up in 1984 until 2008 when i got it back on the road

betty foRD:
I fear it’s in purgatory !
Ofcourse still being on DVLA is far better than not but last V5 activity in 81 makes it unlikely.

I ‘follow with interest’ ( some would say stalk ... :D) silver Bs that pop into the sunlight after years in the wilderness. They have emerged at a rate of about one a year in recent times.

I don’t suppose you have a picture?


--- Quote from: betty foRD on March 03, 2021, 06:07:21 PM ---I don’t suppose you have a picture?

--- End quote ---
I think you ought to be more specific, who knows what you would get :o a photo of LMB249P would be good   :D

betty foRD:
Atleast I didn’t say ‘if you show me yours I’ll show you mine !’

Yes....even this forum has some interesting pictures tucked away that have arrived by accident...duplicate picture names I guess...


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