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Just a heads up and something for us all to have in mind if we allow our memberships to expire before renewal. We are charged a fee each year for the Membermojo database based on the total number of current and expired members saved on there. There are price bands  based on that number and this year we crept into the lower and subsequently cheaper price band by just 3 members! We used to keep expired members on there for one year so they could just renew.  A few years back we reduced this to 6 months for the same reason as the current membership number increased and we had loads of expired members just sitting there. Now we have had to reduce this down to one month to give us some breathing space and the keep the website running costs a low as possible. If the club continues to grow then eventually we will venture into the next higher price band but the increased membership fees (as opposed to dead accounts costing us money) would cover some of the extra costs involved. 

So just to clarify.. I any of us allow our memberships to expire for a period longer than one month then our details will drop off the database and we would have to re-join as a new member with a new membership start date.  What I can do is to re-instate the original membership number if it is known or I can look it up as all archived members can be retrieved. We do get two reminders of pending membership expiry so it would be good to not delay renewing for too long. You don't have to wait until the expiry date to renew, renewing early, once you get your email reminder will just give you that extra time on your membership.

Cheers Paul

Hi, Please could you activate my profile to be able to see the buy & sell sections seeing as the club took the auto renew payment ? Thanks,Brass


--- Quote from: Brass on March 02, 2021, 08:33:55 AM ---Hi, Please could you activate my profile to be able to see the buy & sell sections seeing as the club took the auto renew payment ? Thanks,Brass

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  PM sent

Hi Paul,  Can I have some tolerance and apathy please? I believe I am coming up on end of my first years membership, can you let me know what I need to do to renew and also how to alter my address for Well 'Ard please.
  Many Thanks,  Nige

Hi Nige

Your membership doesn't expire until the 14th April so you will get a reminder before then with a link to renew. If you want to change anything on your membership you can do so here

go to this page   and enter your email address and password.  If you have forgotten your password or you never set one up then click the "sign in with email" part. You will then get an email with a link to log you into your member mojo page
click that link and it will take you to your membership  page.
If you get any problems come back to me and I can change your details from here

cheers  Paul


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