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My first bike, gold RD200. Bought it off my mate in January 1975, he bought it from Havenhands in Rotherham in 1974. According to dvla last due to be taxed in 1982, so probably gone to the scrapyard in the sky. Sold it in 1976 to buy a brand new RD400C. At the same time my mate bought the RD200 my other mate bought the blue RD250, last taxed in the 80's.

Always a chance that they are sitting at the back of a shed somewhere, just waiting to be "discovered".

I have a 250E with a Havenhands number plate, were they a Yam dealer at the time or just secondhand dealers ?

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Havenhands were the official Yamaha dealer in Rotherham all through the seventies. I bought the very first RD400C with cast wheels from there in June 1976, cost me every last penny I had. Had Just run it in after two weeks, then put it under a car and wrote it off, happy days lol. I did have another 400C after that.

It could still be out there - my project was last taxed in 1995:-)


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