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Something to get in with


A long way to go but it’s a start, most of the bits I’ll need and no need to chop up a good bike.

Hopefully end up as a sort of TD3 rep for Trackday’s

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Good luck with your build

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Hi Dave!  Great to see your TD3 project.  It will cost a bit to make a good job but, it can be done.  My own RD350/TR3 sort of project is progressing.  I would suggest you consider going 350 if you can because, there is that extra perf at lower tune, and for just track work you don't have to stick to a capacity limit.  Mick Abbey in Stockton is a great race tuner and has proven aircooled RD350 ability with 50+bhp @ 8,000 rpm from his basic tune using VM28's. ;)  Another option is Ron at Fahron who does a 370 conversion of 250 cylinders. 




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