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Its been announced today by the IOM Government that the 2020 Classic TT & MGP have been cancelled  :'(

Colin Johnston:
Yep more bad news, at this rate we will have no bike racing taking place till 2021.
I know it’s for all the right reasons, but it still doesn’t stop me missing the racing.
Roll on when some sort of normality returns & we are allowed out on bikes again.

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Shame but I do think we will not have any racing this year, it would not be right to have just a small number of rounds for a championship, be it BSB, MotoGP etc.

Roll on next year hopefully they can get racing back.


I’m disappointed but understand their reasoning.

For me that’s two trips to the IOM this year thats been cancelled and I’m supposed to be going to the Pyrenees in September, can’t see that happening.

Roll on 2021

Colin Johnston:
Is that the Moto Piston rally?
I’m booked up to go on that too, along with paul n.
I can’t see the Spanish wanting any Brits to arrive this year, but hopefully I could be wrong.

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