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My precious:
As you know, X went way up north....... first to Ayr and then to Aviemore, over to Applecross via Inverness and back to Aviemore. Down to Kinross and over to Ayr, then back down south in Neil's van. I think it was 710 miles covered on roads and in scenery you cannot capture in a mere picture, you have to be there and see it for yourself, it was jaw-dropping............
Anyway, pictures are on my phone, just have to get them on my laptop and up here with a few words. Will do asap.

My precious:
As promised, now I've got my shiny new Toshiba Satellite P50-C-18K laptop, and transferred my phone pictures to it I can now put a few pictures up, just a taster as Del has the full story with all the pictures and words for WellArd.
A fairly decent 720 miles on Project X over the weekend plus another 160 on my Ducati 916 to get to Ayr and back.

Ready to go from Belfast Port:

Project X at Kinross Services:

Project X at Aviemore:

Up the Applecross Pass:

At the Applecross Inn for lunch:
Look at the crap on that LC there............ that will take at least 4 washes to get that off....................  :D :D :D

Back up the pass with the Isles of Skye in the background:

Out of fuel somewhere on the way to Inverness:

On my way home on the ferry out of Cairnryan:

Nice pics looks like a good day for Applecross ,Thats a local run for me and you can find snow up there at least 9 months of the year lol .......yip realy can ,but its excellent any time off year  :D

My precious:
Yes...... there was snow......................

lol yip eaven with the sun up here the last week we still have patches of snow on the top of the ben lol
but the roads are clear thats the best we look for  :D


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