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X is down on the farm

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Picked up project X from mr dawkins today. It is now in barn at an alpaca farm in wiltshire somewhere ;). Mr dawkins said it needed a few bits sorted, so have gone off to get my best farmer fixing tools! Selection of hammers an old screwdriver and a pair of pliers! Not forgetting the fixall things, if all else fails!Duct-tape wire and baler-twine :o :o. I honestly think he had a tear in his eye when he let me load in the van :) :) :)

Paul Dawkins:
I have warned him not to touch it.
If Shadrack does any work on Project X I cant see MP making it to Aviemore with the North East boys.
It was thrown in the back of the Dingles van with one strap and the door wedging it in.

I could send you pictures to show it is safe and sound .But you all know I don't do pictures😀😀if some one else wants to put them on I can email to you😀😀

My precious:
I'm watching you Stukey........ Put the hammers away and step back from the bike.....  ::)
He actually used one strap..... That's a good sign....  :D

think yourself lucky it was proper rachet strap, i found lying around.Otherwise it would have been a bit of baler-twine :o :o :o


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