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Hi All, with Mervin`s help we have gathered as many manuals and diagrams etc as we have and they are now available for online viewing or download on our website. You may have to be patient depending on your connection speed/browser/device as some of these files are BIG.

If you have any that are not on there send them to me and I will get them uploaded.

2 more sections to follow - "Mods" and "Related" that will cover modifications that people have made ( send me yours - anything from high handlebars to tricks of the trade  !! ) and RD "related" such as LC/YPVS.

Hope you likey ?

Go to and click the "Manuals" section .


EXCELLENT!!!   just one thing I have just noticed.... the 25/350B manual is in fact a parts list... no worries for me as that is exactly what I wanted!! BUT..  brilliant all the same, many thanks for all your efforts and time you spent in sorting this out for us all


The DS7 R5 manual coves the early RD,s as well

hi all , any chance of posting a workshop manual for rd200dx 1e8 please.
many thanks.

If anyone has one send it to me and I will get it on the website for download  :o


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