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My precious:
Does anyone have  the full spreadsheet for the carb specs....?
Found the original on the old site but it appears to be incorrect for the 350B showing only the US/EU baffled filter spec.
As we know, there are many versions of carb settings for the B models. hi-top UK, low-top UK, rest of the world, baffled filter, un-baffled filter and all the undocumented factory upgrades that went on.............. A downloadable Exel spreadsheet for the full RD range would be useful as I have several carb sets I would like to sort, 522 hi-top, 522 low-top, 361 with a choice of either, baffled or un-baffled filters, 2R8 (but possibly the wrong needles)............
Taking in all the above, there seems to be possibly 6 factory set-ups just for the 350B, not just the one posted....
Can we get to the bottom of this and get it in a reference that others can choose exactly what workable set-up they can pick, dependent on the parts they have. I have enough bits to build at least 4 of the 350B variants at one time by chopping and changing. Currently running the hi-top un-baffled version at this time but will be reverting back to hi-top baffled set-up when I go back to standard, just need to track down a baffled filter.................  :-\

My precious:
My original setup was 521 pipes, 522 high-top carbs, #2.0 slide, 5L3 needle, 105 main jets, 175-06 needle jet, baffled filter, air correction float bowls, 1 3/4 air screw.
Current setup is 521 pipes, 522 high-top carbs, #2.0 slide, 5L3 needle, 140 main jets, 175-06 needle jet, un-baffled filter, air correction float bowls, 1 1/4 air screw due to the F2 tune.
Both viable setups but I have seen/read of a low top version of the 350 and 5I4/2.5 set.
Is this an earlier version fitted to later bikes incorrectly by mistake or previous owners "tinkering" or some sort of bleed-over from other regions OR, imports?
What the end goal is to have a definitive spread sheet that members can refer to for a standard set-up dependent on their engine number, model number and location........... not currently done that I am aware of. Too much talk of needle position, Dale A and Dave Friest mods etc, what is the actual out-of-the-box setting for all the models to avoid the continued questions of what should be in there, and more of "this is what should be in there".............
All a bit grey, conjecture, and this is what I have at the moment. Needs the full details with all relevant info, eg, all of the above including float heights, needle clip position and what actual parts should be fitted to any RD carb as it came out of the factory. Only then, when you have the correct OEM setting, can you tinker with the original. This needs written in stone as to "this is where you start".

My precious:
I'll confirm that about the needle jet by taking my original 522 carbs apart, they are actually off at the moment, it might be a mistake by me as I have been inside 4 different carbs in the last week............... Was working from memory and I see I got the air screw mixed up between the 2 filter types, but I always get that one wrong  ::)
I have a pair of 361 carbs as well that look original un-tampered....... but, who knows...... Only thing I will be absolutely sure about is my 522's as the only changes made on those were main jet, everything else is as it left the factory.
Will report back tomorrow as I have to go out to a Scout fund raiser and possibly drink beer, have spent all day flat out with the chainsaw.

My precious:
Errrr, mystery solved, needle jet is 175-08, the 175-06 is in the 2R8 carbs.................. Everything is the same as you have up on the post.

Going to start documenting.

My precious:
Yes, saw that, haven't come across 5J4 before, might be just a flaw in the stamp mark or a small mark or pit at the bottom of the I.......? Or, a bigger magnifier needed................. I actually use a jewellers 20x magnifier, you know, the one you actually put right up to your eye shaped like a small bucket with a lens on the bottom, works brilliant.

A bit like this one:


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