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Paul Dawkins:
This is the mileage record log book for project X.

Its just for the history of the bike to see who has ridden it and the comments and to show the miles.

It is kept in the seat flap of the bike.

When it is filled out I will update it on here.

May 13th 2011 Martin Newlyn took bike for test ride and MOT 33 miles on speedo

May 29th 2011 Paul Dawkins rides bike to Panunos from Martin Newlyns 70 miles, speedo now reads 103 miles

Bike transported to Paul Dawkins in van

June 1st 2011 1 Litre of castrol TTS added

June 5th 2011 Paul Dawkins ride around New forest to gets some miles on the clock to run in for rally 73 miles speedo now reads 175 miles

July 1st 2011 Bike transported to rally in Derby by van.

July 1st 2011 Panuno (Peter Neil) rode bike on Chip shop run at rally to Ashbourne 41 miles speedo now reads 216 miles

July 2nd 2011 RDJock (Hugh Kennedy) rode bike on the rally rideout to Matlock 49 miles speedo now reads 269 miles

July 3rd 2011 bike transport back to Paul Dawkins by van.

July 5th 2011 Bike cleaned, oiled and topped up with quarter litres of castrol TTS

July 10th 2011 Paul Dawkins Rode from Southampton to Ace Cafe London for a Yamaha Day 164 miles speedo now reads 429 miles

July 13th 2011 Paul Dawkins rode to Poole Quay for bike night 71 miles speedo now reads 500 miles

July 15th 2011 Paul Dawkins rode bike to new Forest Bike night 34 miles speedo now reads 534 miles

July 23rd 2011 Paul Dawkins rode to Calne for RD club bike meet 119 miles speedo now reads 653 miles

August 2nd 2011 Paul Dawkins rode to Poole Quay bike night 73 miles speedo now reads 726 miles

August 19th 2011 Paul Dawkins test ride after changing front wheel 15 miles speedo now shows 741 miles.

August 21st 2011 Paul Dawkins rode to Popham mega meet (bike on club stand)75 miles speedo now shows 816 miles

August 28th 2011 Ian Neil rode on the Isle Of Wight run 95 miles speedo now reads 911 miles

September 15th 2011 Paul Dawkins transported project X to salisbury in a van for Del to collect

Del now has possesion of Project X.

September 15th 2011 Del rode project X to Chippenham (wilts) stopped for photos at Stonehenge. 956 miles on clock.

Repaired broken rear indicator. Snapped off stud from PD"s van ride to me..

September 24th 2011. Del rode Project X on a tourist spin for photos. Visited Castle Coombe and then onto Bath for photos at the Royal Crescent. 999.8 miles on clock.

September 25th 2011. Took bike to MAG demonstration ride at Leigh Delamere on the M4. 30 mile run in outside lane of M4 at 30-40mph in fine drizzle.. 1036 miles on clock.

Rear disc brake removed after ride - outer side has a flat spot. brakes can snatch at low speeds.

September 28th 2011. Back Brake test ride.  Melksham and home. 1057 miles

October 1st 2011. Scenic ride around wiltshire area. (Unusual hot weather) - Photo at Wootten Bassett war memorial then to Avebury. 1107 miles.

October 15th 2011 Del rode project X to meet the van for delivery of bike to Stafford for show. 1114 miles on clock

September 28th 2011.

Paul Dawkins:
March 30th 2012 Paul Dawkins rode project X for the MOT. 1126 miles on clock

2nd April 2012 Dave Ellis run round town for a blast mileage reads 1146

9th April 2012 Test run following repairs to front brake master cylinder mileage reads 1152

16/April/12 Dave Ellis rode from Kendal to Devils Bridge and back mileage reads 1186

2/May/12 Dave Ellis run down town mileage reads 1198

8/May/12 Dave Ellis Kendal-Levens Bridge-Kendal VJMC meet mileage reads 1218

8/May/12 Dave Ellis Penrith-Hartside Cafe-Penrith mileage reads 1244

9/May/12 Dave Ellis Penrith-Hartside Cafe-Penrith mileage reads 1270

Hugh Kennedy Knutsford/Whalley Bridge/then The Cat and Fiddle mileage reads 1359

Danny Webb rides in Thundersprint Cavalcade mileage reads 1364

Hugh Kennedy,, South West Scotland .coastal run Ayr to Girvan mileage reads 1446

24/May/12 Hugh Kennedy coastal run mileage reads 1482

3/June/12 HK rides to Scottish Classic Show mileage reads 1488

4/June/12 HK runout to Culzean and Dunure Castles mileagereads 1555

10/June/12 HK rides to Brig A Doon mileage reads 1601

18/June/12 H Kennedy goes the long way round for petrol mileage reads 1620


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