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I prefer all article stuff to come straight to me. It gets very confusing with stuff for one article coming from 2 directions.
*  It can be done on the PC on a document or even the wording pasted into an email.
*  It can be posted to me written rough by freehand - I (LYNNE) will soon type it in. It don"t have to be tidy or perfect grammer. We can soon tidy it up as well
* Pictures via attachment on an email (jpg"s please) or photos that I can scan myself and post back. When taking pics don"t forget to get yourself in them as well Added Notes about Articles.....
* Never doubt wot you can write - It may not seem interesting to you but others will find it interesting. Too be honest the mag is not that serious anyway..  
* Photo"s, we need photo"s. I do get things with NO pics at all. Pages of Wellard do tend to look very "wordy"  without pics.
* I do try to include everything sent into a wellard at some point. We only do 4 issues a year of 20 pages. Coupled with trying to keep each issue "current" and fitting in the old stuff it gets difficult when space is limited.

Well-ARD Issues. Needs your input - NOW

Feel free to volunteer an article.



Previous Issues of Well-aRD

Join the club to get the Club Magazine. The Magazine where you the members will be featured....Like some of these members on the rear covers....


Well-ARD Issue 50.
* Kingsley - NE RD Club combined reports 2006
* Kingsley - Member Profile/History  
* Ernst - RD news from Germany
* 3MA - RD430 Special Article, Cover pic  
* Ardon/Me/Phillip Lightfoot - Stafford show pix Out Jan - 2007. Many thanks to all contributors!

Posted to Paid Up Members - January 2007

ISSUE 51Posted to Paid Up Members - April 2007

Issue 52 - Posted to members - Early July 2007.

See the cover for the contents!. Wellard is posted to Paid Up Club Members Only


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