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Project X - The club Bike
« on: February 04, 2010, 07:16:09 AM »
The Introduction.

Project ?X? or The Air-cooled RD Club Members Bike.

Over the last few years there was an idea that had been mulled over a few times but had never gone any further, other than a bit of chat. Well over Xmas 2009, club member Paul Dawkins approached the club committee with a proposal to purchase a bike. The full proposal is below???.

I have been thinking about this for a while now so here goes.  I plan on purchasing an Air-cooled RD, then donating this bike to the club for use as a restoration project over the next few years. It?s something that club members can donate their time towards, to create the Air-cooled RD Owners Club Bike.

Between us we have a lot of skills and expertise and those who think they are not capable of restoring parts can still help with transport and contacts etc.

I am hoping we can bum some parts from some Trade suppliers and club members.  The finished bike will belong to the club and it should be displayed at most club stands. It could also be the lead bike on the ride outs or used at rallies for members who have not got a bike, etc.

The bike does not have to be a minter, we can add to it over the years when we find better parts. The important thing is that the club owns the bike. In the clubs own special colours.

I was thinking of doing this for charity as the LC club did with the Papworth bike but I would like this first club restoration to be ours to show other clubs our skills and commitment to Air-cooled RD?s, and it could perhaps be used to make money for charity at a later date.

This would also be an excellent long-term project for WellaRD and Del to document the full story.

I would like Del to document all the restoration work from start to finish, add the progress to every WellaRD, and at the end of the project have a bound diary of the complete restoration with photos.

When the bike is finished we could also raffle of tickets for charity to club members for use of the bike etc. (don?t know if that would work or not). I don?t think this project would take a lot of funds as we are supplying our labour FREE. The bike is almost all there but will need work. If parts are not available then we will restore the old stuff. For example we could weld up the old mudguards and paint them until we find better.

We have Powder coaters, Chromers, Metal fabricators etc within the club. Obviously no one is going to ask someone to do all chrome etc for nothing, but I am sure we could secure some good prices if we are all working on it.

There are a few issues to address.

1. Whose name do we register the V5 in?

2. Who insures the bike?

3. Who is going to be the project manager?

4. Will the club insure/Tax and MOT the bike?

I am happy to donate this bike and help with restoring parts and transportation and maybe some funds.

I will not be able to do the rebuild, as I have not got the space for the complete bike.

I realise I have forgotten a lot of things and these will come up in future.

This is not set in stone and if no one thinks it?s a good idea then I will just pull the plug now but it is meant to be a bit of fun for the club and its members and bring us all together as a club.

I am really looking forward to it.

We just need the support of the members to complete this.

I need a list of names.

Well, the idea was debated in the moderator?s area on the forum and suggested to the other committee members and roundly agreed that an offer like this should not be ignored. Paul?s kind offer was also bolstered by a donation from Phillip Lightfoot. The committee agreed to top-up the purchase fund to make a respectable initial purchase fund.

Paul was enthusiastic to purchase a donor bike to get the project moving so various bikes were looked at, including a few ebay wrecks!

One particular bike appeared on Ebay in Bracknell in Berkshire, Well not a bike but a big pile of bits. It was a 1979 Yamaha RD250 with a mere 12 former owners. A couple of plus points were the brand new tyres and a good seat.

Here is a couple of the "sale" Pix.

Paul Dawkins takes up the story?????.

I went to ?461.10 for the ebay bike and lost it. It was bid up to ?555 and I had set a ?500 limit.

Then the bike came up for sale again. The original buyer changed his mind and never collected it. I offered ?460 via email to the seller. If the club don?t want it, I will have it and rebuild it. I don?t think I will lose money, but I think this is a good bike for the club to start with.

Paul Continues......


I collected the bike today, it looks OK! He said he had painted the frame, yes with a toothbrush! I have never seen anything like it. It all appears to be there. It has matching numbers the, pipes are from a D model and the tank is NFG. The seat cover is new, it has new tyres that have never been on the road. He fitted new tyres but never restored the wheels. DOH! I will have a good look tomorrow when I unload it from the van.

I need to check the loom etc. It looks a good project bike. I will work on obtaining the V5. I will register it in my name for now but when it?s running we will have to think about whose name goes on the V5. (Unless you have an idea now???)  I don?t want it in my name with you lot going through speed cameras.

Del?. To date, most of the costs have been covered by the generosity of Paul Dawkins and Philip Lightfoot. The club has paid to cover the last portion of the purchase and collection costs. Actually the forum members will be aware that I produced a Club 2010 calendar over the Xmas period.

Well, age related merchandise is a risky venture and unsold stock can cost clubs dearly. Luckily the calendars sold so well that the profits after all costs were enough to cover the clubs portion of ?Project X?. So as of this moment NO members membership money has been used.

There may be a 2011 calendar ? you will have to wait and see the December Wellard for details!

?Project X? is now sat in Paul?s garage awaiting the next step. It was decided by the committee that the members who do not use the internet or the club forum should have equal input to the bike. It belongs to all the club members so the official premier launch to the club members bike is NOW!

There will be a small 3-man build committee who will have to make ?final? decisions on some of the ideas or you know wot will happen - How many times have we seen forum debates go around in circles with NO end.


This is the story up to date. ? The club bike is now sat waiting in a garage!

This is where you all now come into play -

Too progress onwards the ?build committee? will need your ideas, donations and offers of help for this and that and just about everything that goes into a project  / restoration bike. For example??.. The first big question is. What should the bike look like ? standard or special?  Then, who is going to ?put it together?? From then on it all spreads out from there to form a tangled web of things that will need doing, cleaning, painting, etc, etc! Need I say more?

One thing we would like to do is too bring the member networking into play to transport parts to various volunteers around the country who can do the work that is required. You may not be able to volunteer to work on the actual bike but if you can help to transport a bit from A to B so it can carry onto C then that would be a great help.

The two members of the Project X committee are Paul Dawkins and Philip Lightfoot, seeing as it was there idea and they came up with the idea and pushed it forward. The third member will be the ?build? volunteer, whoever that volunteer is!

Contact details .. Paul Dawkins

Mob. 07973 231879


As I, Del, is the Project diary man I will need details and photos of every piece of work with a description of what is done. (Before and after please)

Del Freegard 01249 657352. --- 07982687996.

Over too you now, if you can help then please get in touch.

Progress reports will be in Future Wellards!

So the First Big Question is...

Do we build standard or something Special?

Actually there is a third option - You may think the idea is daft and you would not like the project to continue or see any club money spent on it.

Personally - I have my opinion and will start a topic below.

Let the debate begin........   
 --  Articles always needed

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Project X - The club Bike
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19 months later and some hard work from many club members

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Re: Project X - The club Bike
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love it  8)
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