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Some RD's


sometimes things doesn't work out as planned.  ;)
I trusted the lady that I will reduce my pile of parts........ 8) Which I did more or less with energy or intent. But life treated me hard and 3 bikes came in ;D
First is a bit of a bitza. R5 with RD350 engine built as a fun bike. Well ideal for me to have a commuter and paddock bike. Some nice details on it. I have only to do the electrics and some finishing touches. I like the style and efforts the former owner put in it and on top it was very local to me.

A week after that(or was it before :P) a friend called me that he have a fun racer based on a RD250 for sale. Deal was done

This week another friend called me that he is thinning out his stuff and asked if I have interest in a newly built RD racer. Looked at it and did a deal.... ::)

And it seems that these bikes will not be the last ones this winter....You have to do what you have to do :D
Regards Uwe

Your collection seems to be forever growing! It's good to hear from you Uwe

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but now I really run out of space. I would have ran out earlier if not a few bikes would stay in Denmark at my daughter and her boyfriend. When these come back then, well....I will not think about it ;D
No bike was planned. The raffle win of the Honda RS250 opened that all. I got really good money when I sold it and it financed these 3 bikes plus the Siroko TZ and still room money wise to react if something interesting will pop up. So in the end everything came by accident 8)
Regards Uwe

Nice looks like they will keep you busy


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