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How much power does your RD have?

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Hello all, having spent an afternoon at the Dyno checking my settings and fueling I got to wondering what sort of power other people are seeing from their RDs.

From standard bikes to race tuned monsters what sort of BHP are we seeing.

I've attached the print out from my RD400 as a starter.

Your attachment not available.  You could repost please?


thanks for the heads-up on the attachment 5port, hopefully this one will work.

Not seen your Dyno print yet, they are mainly for comparison on development and checking jetting IMO. :)
  Seeing many tests and posted readouts over the decades, it would certainly seem that a standard bike in great mechanical condition will make just about the makers claims for power output, or just below.
Modified engines can be just about anything.  I had a tuned 400E with Nikon race pipes and race ported cylinders that pulled to 10k(+!) and easy shot past 100mph with no end in sight! But, it was unridable on normal roads, it would not pull past 5000rpm except in 1st gear, there was only moped power below 6,000, so you had to run 6000+ like a racer or, below 5000 like a moped.  ::)
Common lore shows top-tuned race 400's might make 70bhp but, they are expensive, and short life.  Mick Abbey does some great tunes, I believe he did a 400 recently with a cylinder tune and pipes that made 60bhp.  Mick's tune for the RD350 makes about 50bhp @8000 with his pipes, and that is great for the road.  I run his cylinders on my track RD350 but with some 350LC race pipes and it is fast.  The good thing about Mick's tune is that it is good for road use.  Even with my high rpm biased pipes, it is fine for road use.
Hope your graph will post again.


Your graph showing now.  Yes, looks like good power for 8300.   :)



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