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TDR 125 won't start


Hi Guys,
         firstly I am new here and so would like to introduce my self (Clive from Kortrijk Belgium)

I am resurrecting a TDR 125 which won't start. I am checking the electrics and all switches appear to work (on/off, neutral and stand) but I am stuck with the rest as I read that the CDI cannot be tested ( and this is the expensive bit) but still no spark. With respect to a wiring diagram the TZR 125 seems closest  With 2* 6pin plugs and 1* 4 pin going to the CDI but I cannot read the wire colours due to the poor quality of the diagram and the Haynes manual doesn't have my diagram. If anybody has a clearly readable copy it would be greatly appreciated.
Any advice would also be great.
Many thanks in advance Clive


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