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Gents. Just for your interest. Scott made two strokes just north of Bradford from just before the First World War and won two TTs at an average of 53mph. That one had two gears and an unbelievable amount of torque and the massive fly wheel meant that more gears were largely unnecessary. The design was based around a ship's engine by Angus Scott and revving it just wore it out. They were liquid cooled by hand made brass radiators using different temperatures of solder to enable proper manufacture and had an engine driven oil pump with sight glasses and a twirly knob to adjust the flow. A very modern set up.

I have a 600 and the earlier 500 and they were invented from a bicycle and hence things like ease of repair are none existent. Words like fiddly, needs lots of TLC, frustrating, fantastic, impressive, smooth, pain in the arse, runs backwards, should be set on fire, just won't go, needs a good push, mine's no problem, are common phrases amongst club members. I would love to take mine to Japan.

The crankcase is one piece, basically a ball of aluminium drilled at various angles to produce the voids and the crank is a two part thing fitted into a heat shrunk steel web. Not for the feint hearted and that bit definitely isn't for me either.

I've always been interested in the Scott 2-stroke. Pre-dated the Suzuki Kettle by decades!
Have you got any pics of your bikes you can share with us?

Nice summary, as mentioned above, photographs would be very welcome

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And then followd the Silk 700 in the 70,s

I saw a Silk once at a BSB meeting at Oulton Park back in the early 1990s. Good looking bike.


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