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--- Quote from: betty foRD on September 14, 2020, 07:04:42 PM ---Chain conversation is probably the biggest weight saver...not just be because of actually weight but it’s reduction in rotating mass to greatly aids fast spin up. Need a few pennies though...but not too many.
Norbo also does a lightened rotor but I’ve got one you could borrow if you wanted to do back to back comparisons.

--- End quote ---

Do you mean to belt drive ? hadn't crossed my mind, what would I need ? something else to think about, I am in no rush "yet"

I am even going to take the gubins out of the speedo drive, and tacho drive, to loose the rolling resistance as I don't need them with the digital speedo, again not a lot, but everything together should make a massive difference.

A Norbo flywheel is on my list of wanted too, even if just for the weight loss, I know its not a lot, but it all adds up doesn't it.

It already feels much better than my last standard LC, and seams quicker to rev out too.

Good to see you back on this Tony. I got some turned alloy footrests off eBay, they are a straight swap with the originals but weigh about 75% less. Belt drive on an LC? New one to me!

Hi Alex, yeah! about time I got something done aye, You know what its like m8 being in a similar position to me, haven't had much time to do anything on it, had a lot of bits to buy too, and as I have to sell standard bits to buy the new bits I want its taking some time, and I keep changing my mind, I do have a clear plan though at last, trying to get going on it now, an hour here and there, its TAX and MOT exempt in Jan 21, so will be easy to get registered then too, hoping it will be ready by then, maybe not painted and polished by then, (most likely not) but working right I hope, but you never know.

I don't know if P was on about belt drive, but can't think of another conversion that could be lighter, waiting for confirmation from P on it now, and a list of bits needed, may be able to afford if not tooo expensive.

Could you post a link to those peds for me to have a look at please, standard ones are like a brick either side, also will the right one still fold up to start it.

betty foRD:
Chain conversation 620 to 520 or whatever ...not belt conversion...

I thought the chain was 530 on LC.

You did make me wonder about a conversion, I know some bigger bikes use belts.


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