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--- Quote from: tony2stroke on September 16, 2020, 08:05:09 AM ---
--- Quote from: pidjones on September 16, 2020, 01:09:42 AM ---Depending on your performance goals, you might still keep it in mind. Belt changes are not that frequent, and a lot of major manufactures are using them now. Yes, there are details to iron out, but rotating weight is drastically reduced. Getting good at removing/replacing a swing arm doesn't sound like much. No chain lube, but there is a bit of belt dust.

--- End quote ---

I was well up for the idea, until the swingarm was mentioned, due to the design of it, it would have to be cut and welded to thread the belt through it, and every time it needed changing, no other way round it.

--- End quote ---

Maybe a belt buckle?  :)

An update, I had another change of mind  :-\

I decided I didn't like the digital clocks and seat unit, gone back to a standard seat and clocks, painted tank and tail unit white, mudguard next, when I get round to it.

I have had my reg papers and number plate, the bike is up running and on the road, free tax and MOT Yippeee, £75 insurance not too bad.

Now its time to tune in the 30mm carbs with the 2 boost bottles, going out for a little ride around this afternoon.

here is the bike now.

Been out for a bit, I didn't check the port heights on this bike, think its been ported as 7000RPM it goes mental, its not the carbs raising the powerband, but it revs through to 10.500RPM, and what a hit at 7000RPM, its a little rich through the lower revs and tick over, but I am well happy so far, more fettling to do then, excited about the end result now.

Richard S:
It's sounds a bit of a beast,  :) great stuff, little bit more tinkering. Richard


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