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I keep changing my mind like the wind on this bike, but I do have a new clear plan now  ::)

Thought I would start a new thread for anyone interested.

I had a good day today, put some reed cages with bridge removed and some 0.40 carbon fibre reeds I cut from a Malossi reed sheet, some YPVS manifolds, LC cages modified to fit YPVS manifolds as the great EDD ERLENBACH recommends with 5mm spacer to help the boost port, and some cheap 30mm PWK Chinese carbs from ebay, with Dynajet jets fitted, they are same fitment and I have loads of them, Ramair filters (long ones) also used 2 x 125LC boost bottles, I have been pleasantly surprised, it started 2nd kick, a little adjusting of tickover and sounded lovely, took it down my back lane, Yeeha, as soon as it hit the power band the rear wheel just span on the gravel, revved right up nicely and fast too, seams I am close already with the jetting, very very happy with it.

I have also put a digital speedo on it, going to use a Harley XR750 style seat unit too.

Taking everything off I can to loose as much weight as possible, run it on premix so I don't need the oil pump and tank, anything not essential will go.

Here are some pics of it so far, sorry forgot to take pics of modified reed cages before I fitted them, ah well, can't remember everything.

Done a little more today, fitted my Microns  ;D  fitted new alloy side stand, and offered up the new seat unit to see what its going to look like, still got to work out fixing it yet though (I do have a cunning plan) got a front light with LED indicators in it, also have a rear LED light with indicators in, anything to loose as much weight as possible, I want everything fitting and working right before I strip it, clean and paint it, don't want to have to alter anything when all painted and cleaned up.

betty foRD:
Good work!
From that pic it seems will look much better and be lighter once you loose the rear subframe and the last section of the mudguard. 😁

Thanks P!!!

Every little helps as they say at Tesco, that rear sub frame is on the list of parts to go, lift handle and seat locks, the rear mudguard and rear footpeds too, front peds are quite heavy too, so looking at others, and maybe an alloy kick start, I am looking at everything none essential going and anything I can replace with lighter bits the better, I recon I have shed a lot of weight from it already, should wheelie well when its done  :D

betty foRD:
Chain conversation is probably the biggest weight saver...not just be because of actually weight but it’s reduction in rotating mass to greatly aids fast spin up. Need a few pennies though...but not too many.
Norbo also does a lightened rotor but I’ve got one you could borrow if you wanted to do back to back comparisons.


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