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Hello from Cumbria..

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Hello Ladies (?) and Gentlemen,
                                              I joined the forum a while ago but didn't say 'hello' - not sure why....

So here goes - Hello

I bought my first A/C RD a couple of months ago but have had the liquid cooled variety for the last 35 years  :D

The bike:
1976 RD400C in a cafe racer styleee. Rear subframe chopped and frame de-lugged.
350LC monoshock conversion.
Allspeeds and Raask rearsets.
Autotune (Piranha) Electronic Ignition.
Uncomfortable and small seat unit (maybe early TZ?)
Period 'Martini' paint job.
I've just fitted some flat bars and an R6 front M/C.

It doesn't look to be ported - yet (It'll be getting the Mick Abbey treatment at some point).

I've got a couple of wiring jobs to sort out and some 6mm Ally plate to make some Reed spacers then it's tyres (currently sitting on BT45s with loads of tread but badly cracked side walls  :'().

I'll upload some photos when I figure it out.

Cheers, Dave

A belated welcome from the southwest!  ;)

Astute Greaser:
Yes welcome.
Remember pictures before modifications can't be done after. To see the full changes teaches us lots.
Hopefully we can help you in return  ;)

Thank you both.. :)

Not sure if this is going to post two photos or not but if it does you can see why this is 'short range' bike...  :D

Yay..!! it worked.

Some of the bad taste stickers are now removed (the 'Yamaha' ones on both sides of the swinger and the '400' ones from the front mudguard).

Overall i'm tickled-pink.

I do have a few mates that know their 400's but I will, no doubt, be on here asking questions at some point.

Cheers all  :D


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