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Astute Greaser:
The white powdery stuff is merely the cadmium plating beginning to break down. Personally, I would strip off the stator and give it a kerosene (paraffin) bath and a rub down with an old toothbrush. It's a dielectric and will not damage the electrics. it will lubricate and may free the points. Finish off the point faces with contact spray.
Do use a JIS screwdriver to undo the screws. A Phillips screwdriver will chew the heads up especially as they are tight at the moment. The screwdriver is expensive but will save a lot of time and grief. Good investment.

Contact cleaner, wire brush, sandpaper, scraping with a knife - anything to get good electrical contact. Bright and shiny is great but dull works as long as it is bare metal. At a minimum, exercise the connectors some to burnish the contact surfaces. They tend to oxidize over time, and can really be eaten in the vicinity of the battery (acid fumes). I have even seen old connectors that have developed high resistance contact between the connector lug and the wire where it is crimped. Usually on high current connectors like battery or starter solenoids. Also, remember that when looking for a spark, the metal threaded part of the plug needs to be grounded to the engine.


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