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New member saying Hello from down South in the USA

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A very warm hello to all folks here. I have read a lot here mostly as a non-member, very very knowledgeable folks here. Finally bought a non-running 73 RD 350(I think). Now trying to fiddle with it to get it running. I will be asking for lots of help. This is my very first time working on a motorcycle.
I have ridden motorcycles from a young age but always took it to a mechanic for fixes, always wanted to work on one but life got in the way. Finally, I am getting around to it. I am going to be asking some very basic questions. Hopefully won't get trashed for it. :-\ :-\


The bike looks very nice. Can not be much work on it.
It looks like a 1973 but you can only tell from the VIN.

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And a warm welcome!  ;)

Nice looking bike.

Usual suspects for a non runner are dirty points, bad/no fuel, bad plug etc. If you do buy new electrical parts, buy original and/or from a trusted source - loads of fake parts out there now.

I agree with Tore in that it looks like a 1973 model and I have attached the service manual for it (don't be fooled by the file name!).

How far south are you? I've got a "forum friend" who lives near the space centre in Florida.

Astute Greaser:
Indeed welcome.
Most USA bikes have an additional label on the headstock next to the punched in VIN number.
This repeats the VIN number and shows the month and year of manufacture, not necessarily the year it was imported, commonly a year after manufacture. Promoted as that year's model. So, for instance, if it says 05/75 (506) that is May 1975 and 506 identifies the Emperor and the year of his reign.

Hello from East Tennessee. Nice find! You may be surprised when it does fire, but it is a great feeling. My RD400c had a leaky petcock, and put a lot of fuel in the crankcase before discovered. Luckily, a day or two (after fixing the petcock) of kicking it over with the throttle wide open and cleaning the plugs resulted in the sounds we love to hear. Try your local NAPA for plugs - I don't think they source from the Chinese knock-off market. Prepare for a lot of reading on this and other sites. Check tires age - never ride on tires old enough to vote!


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