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I have had a few motorbikes and I flog the heck ut of them commuting. My current commuter is an NC700x Honda. Very nice, easy ride with awesome mileage. I recommend it highly.
I have put 100,000+ miles on my rides over the last 25 years.
My dear friend, who was dying of pancreatic cancer, texted me one day and said,"I want you to have the RD. Keep it or sell it-your choice." Steve rebuilt cars and treated his babies with lots of care. I am certain he wanted to ensure the RD400 had a good home. When I said "yes" he proclaimed, "Thats makes me so happy."
When I went to pick it up, he said,"you are perfect guy for this bike. It's not too hard to work on. I wish I would be around to see it when you are done." A very sad moment.
Never having placed a motorbike on a pickup, luckily there were 2 other friends of his to help. I also got the ramps. It was a long 500 mile trip from the border of Oregon back to Bay Area but my other friend(who collects vintage bikes) was riding his Honda90 saw the RD400 and said,"Hey that's Steve's bike!" He helped me unload the RD and now it's in the basement. In great visual shape, it has a few maintenance issues which I am working through thanks to this board. As I work through, thanks in advance for any advice and hopefully the ghost in the machine will be pleased.

Gorgeous! I've never seen bare aluminum wheels (thought they were only on '76 models) and blue panels. Personally a fan of the bare wheels, even to having the paint that a PO had added on my 400c blasted off. With the cosmetics maintained so fine, there should be little to do mechanically. Steve will continue smiling.

I wish you many happy miles on your friends old RD, thank you for posting the photographs

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Hi and welcome to the site. That bike is really nice, it looks to have been well looked after, the next part of it's story is up to you now, every time you take this lovely bike out you will think of all the good times that you had with your friend. Good luck for the future.

So sorry to hear about your mate’s sad situation but he must think a lot of your friendship to give you his RD. Hopefully you can do him proud with your efforts and welcome to best forum on the planet.


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