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Hi all. As I will shortly be picking your brains I thought I should introduce myself. Have been riding bikes for 40 odd years and have a few at the moment - GPZ305 which I've now had for 20+ years and after spending the last 14 years in pieces I've just restored it, although it no longer looks like a 305. A Yamaha MT10. My go anywhere, do anything bike, a Bandit 1200 and a 1996 TRX850. I love them all but something will need to go to create a bit of space for my most recent purchase, a German import RD250C. I've wanted a 70's/80's 2 stroke for a while now (the first bike I ever bought new was a 1980 X7). I love tinkering with bikes as much as riding them so I'm getting plenty of garage time with the RD. It's a complete bike and seems to run well - it's getting a mechanical going over first as I'd like to get out on it over the summer, before delving a little deeper in the winter. The club has kindly provided the dating certificate and I'm now waiting for DVLA to do their bit. Now for some brain picking ......... :)

Welcome in Martin.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of RD’s Martin but be warned, they can become addictive, so hope you are ready to make room for more!  8)

Welcome to the Forum, I hope your RD gives a lot of pleasure

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Welcome to the club Martin.

Enjoy the RD


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