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OKO Carburettors


Sliding Head:
I'm hoping that one or two of the racing guys will chip in here. On a couple of visits to the CRMC and VMCC paddocks I noticed a few guys running what appeared to be OKO carburettors. Does anyone here have experience of OKO?
Web wisdom seems to suggest they flow better, and that is the main attraction. They are also slightly cheaper than Mikuni VM.
They don't seem to be available in pairs either so idle adjustment might be tricky.

Also the sources of genuine OKO (they are copied which appears to suggest they are worth copying) seem to be the USA or from a Trials bike company. Are these the only sources?

I do have experience of Mikuni VM (26, 28, 34mm) and Amal Concentric Mk2 (36mm) on various racing Yamahas in the past - so I do understand things don't always go to plan, or expectation!



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