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converting rd 200 for classic air cooled racing class,fork options needed

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hi gents,
i have started to develop an rd 200 for track use,perhaps to start racing in the 250cc air cooled class with crmc,
not the usual choice i know but ive started now so ill finish it and see how i get on as never done any road racing only enduro and lots of road riding
engines off having lc 250 inlet rubbers,reeds and a race tune,i have delugged the frame and welded some extra strength onto the frame its now ready for sot blasting and painting,
brakes are all refurbished.
 i have a set of astralite wheels that i want to use.
my question im hoping for some help on is forks,
i can only fit forks upto 1981,and upto 34mm dia,
i after advice on what forks to fit,expect i will need to get spacers made up.
thanks in advance for any help,

LC ones? I know they fit an RD250. Are you allowed twin discs or do you have to stick to just the one?

Thanks, I will have to find some detailed spec sheets for them and check it out,
I think I  can run twin discs, new to it so will also check specs for racing.

Forks are easy, just depends on your budget. You need to check the rules for the Post Classic 250 Aircooled class. upto 38mm.

We all run RD250 35mm forks as I can fit K-Tech cartridges into them. Gav uses 38mm forks, again with K-tech cartridges I fit to them.

Hope that helps. I may have some sets of Original TZ350 internals somewhere.

You dont need twin disc, we all run Lockheed caliper on a 298mm TZ disc. EBC GPFAX018 pads and a 12mm Grimica master cylinder of a scooter.

35mm forks with cartridge conversion. Compression, rebound and pre-load adjustment all from the top.


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