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Edward Irving:
I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. My name is Edward and I currently race in the BSA Bantam with the VMCC. The VMCC have an air cooled 500cc Japanese class and one of my friends has been competing on a Suzuki GT500 and having loads of fun so I throught I would really like to compete on an RD400.

I have spent all winter reading up on RD's and I have managed to lay my hands on a frame and an engine with a view to beeing out on track for the 2017 season. I dont have any questions really (yet) but if anyone has any pointers / pitfalls i would really like to hear about them. I am just collecting parts together at the moment so any help on which bits to go for is really appreciated.

Thanks for your time Edward

Hi Edward

Welcome to the forum.

What sort of racer are you going to build? Are you going the pretty, or practical route?

Just curious.


Edward Irving:
Hi Gary thanks for the welcome

Dont really care what it looks like so long as it handels well and is fast. i fall off too much to spend money on making them look pritty lol. I was planning on going quite standard really, normal shocks well setup, normal swing arm, i think wire wheels with alloy rims are going to be lighter than alloy wheels but i need to research that.

I will need some help with porting but i will make up my own pipes. I suppose keep it simple until your raceing then make little improvments.

keith rdc:
Hi Edward, I race a 250 with the CRMC, I was going to race a 400 in the PC 750 class but you end up racing against TZ350's and the PC250 class has a more even grid of 2ts
The other reason was 250 parts are easier to find and a lot cheaper.
If you think a 250 would be a little flat compared to a 400 mine is putting out over 50hp on the rear wheel. (Mick Abbey tune and pipes)

You will need to lose the RD front caliper for an AP Lockheed and a larger disc, also I have fitted a pair of Falcon rear shocks,
I look forward to seeing some photos as you progress with it :-)

Wire wheels are about 20% lighter than alloys as standard, but represent poor value for money if they need rebuilding.  Central Wheel tell me that their SS rims are now lighter than chromed mild steel, and flex much less than alloy rims.

You build your own pipes? Tell us more.



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