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Hello New Members


Welcome to the forum and hopefully you will like what you see and will go on to join the club as a fully paid up member.

I am the editor of the club magazine and I am always looking for photos of people with their bikes to go in the magazine.
(I get precious few...... :'( )

I would greatly welcome - a picture of you with your bike in any condition with a few words for inclusion in a future issue of the mag.



As many words as you want to write and as many pictures (old or new) - their is no limit.

It does not matter if the bike is a wreck for restoration or simply to make roadworthy.

PM me via the forum for my email and guidance if you need it.

One tip when posting pictures on the club forum.

All pictures need to have a unique title - If your picture is titled "image.jpg" it will replace every other picture with the same title on this forum.

Just remember to give any images you want to post a random title that no one else would possibly use.

I put similar to this......  Delswfjn58f.imag (just any old mix up of letters)


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