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RD Reed valve modification

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--- Quote from: Dave Bowers on March 21, 2013, 09:39:42 PM ---Ron at fahron modified mine by removing the centre bar and told me to use kx 80 reeds if that is any help.

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Thanks, how did you get on with them?

T reg angst:

TDR reeds= tony ducas racing

uk supplier?

a german friend has developed reed petals together with a carbon reed manufacturer for this cage modification we talk about. I didn`t knew this. In fact nobody knew this. ;) I got pictures and info this morning shortly before he posted it on the german forum.
The reeds rigidy are based on a petal a well know RD guru(who died a few years ago) done this back in the 80tees and 90tees. My friend had bought the whole stock of the petals back then. As he owns and restored many RD`s he got out of stock and searched for a solution. The petals are now manufactured by a company who do reed petals for many other bikes. But this special petals are build from stronger fibre and tighter weaved fibre to match the characteristics of the glasssfibre reeds of the former RD guru.
They are available now here:
But they are not yet on his website that brand new are these infos. Sale price will be 35 Euro + shipping(Registered letter) for both reed blocks.
Here the pictures. First 2 are the reeds from the guru, the other 2 the new ones.

He also has the carbon reeds for all RD`s as replacement for the genuine ones. These cost 26 Euro + shipping.
If I could help someone with purchaseing the parts just ask. Website is only in german. Update for this: I have just seen that his website is partly english. So at least he speaks english. Please refer to the "Heiner Jakob reed petals". He is the guy who developed them with the manufacturer together.
Cheers Uwe

Great Uwe :)


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