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Can anyone advise the exact Yamaha reed valve petal that you can fit on standard RD 250/350/400 cages that have the bridge removed?  Thanks for any info :)

good question, I couldn't find one either so I installed YZ125 reed valves in the race bike , needed some mods to the barrels though, I have read on another forum that TDR reed petals will fit but they are very stiff. sorry not much help.

Hi Chris,
I have seen that often but never asked the guys what reeds they used. >:( But some I see looked like the stock pedals.
I have read in a magazine that Boyesen reeds are common for that modify. I am pretty sure that I have a shoot of this magazine article anywhere on my computer.
Cheers Uwe

Hi Uwe and DJ, it seems that the "TDR" reed is actually a special made by an American race specialist, his #34 seems to be the type that fits RD 250/350/400 cages with a single petal and the centre support cut away.  Anybody know a UK/EU seller?  Cheers

Dave Bowers:
Ron at fahron modified mine by removing the centre bar and told me to use kx 80 reeds if that is any help.


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