Author Topic: Problem with poor ignition procees on left cylinder (cold) of RD250 75  (Read 645 times)

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Have you checked the compression and the crank seals?
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I didn't say that i checked all and its fine. I said what i checked. Condenser wasn't but they will be. If this does not help, then the next step is to replace the points and will think what else to do next.

You could just temporarily swap the sides of the condenser to prove that . Just clean the points up with something like a nail file then finish  with a spray of switch cleaner or paper if you have got that. Gap is best at around 12/13 thou. How did you make sure the idle is balanced? 

And have you actually ridden the bike to see what it is like or are you just going by a cold start idle? 

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Hey adrian why dont you try switching spark plug leads?

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Yes i've made short rides.
After replacing condensers with new one problem is solved. TY for all sugestions.