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AGM Minutes 2015
« on: July 30, 2015, 07:47:39 PM »
Aircooled RD Club RD 2015 AGM Minutes (10 am, Sunday 12th July 2015)
Venue : Derby Rugby Club. Haslams Lane, Darley Abbey, Derby. DE22 1EB .

Present: Members Robin Melmoth, Ann Melmoth, Barrie Mason, Kerry Mason, Kingsley Davies, Gary Attenborough, John Beer, Jamie Allum, Steve Munn, Keelan Munn (non-member), Gary Tredgett, David Bowers, Kevin Martin, Roy Bolter, Philip Lightfoot, Ben Lightfoot, Del Freegard, Stewart Middleton.

Item.1. Phil Lightfoot (Acting chair of the meeting supported by Robin Melmoth) opened the meeting and greeted everyone.
Apologies for absence:  Paul Dawkins.

Agree Minutes of last meeting – RD2014 AGM (published in “Well A’RD” issue 79 –2014)  Agreed as a correct record.

Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting (if not covered in items below or AOB): None.

Item 4. Committee Member Reports.   ----------------------------------   (Current Member)
4.1.    Lifetime President.      ----------------------------------   (Ric Naylor) No Report.
4.2.    Chair man.      ----------------------------------   (Vacant) - Ian Neil resigned 16th Jan 2015 No Report.
4.3.    Vice Chair man      ----------------------------------   (Phil Lightfoot)  “Thanked Ian for all his hard work and wished him well on behalf of all the members. Club continues to do really well and members are requested to consider organising more runs, events, meetings etc.” Support from club officials available.
4.4.    Treasurer.   ----------------------------------------------   (Barrie Mason) Club finances continue to be healthy. A balance sheet and Income statement were presented to the meeting. (Available to members on request from the Treasurer). A Barclays internet banking account has now been opened with a balance of approx. £10,000. Club RBS and HSBC cheque accounts now closed. Current operating costs are approx. £9000 per year with most of that spent on production and Distribution of Well ‘Ard magazine.
4.5.    Membership Secretary   ---------------------------------   (Vacant) – Ian Neil resigned 16th Jan 2015 (Report by Barrie Mason) Club Membership is approximately 600. Membership is now automated on line with payments through Pay Pal. Memberships will continue to be available manually at events and by post on application to the Membership Secretary.
4.6.    Events Officer   ----------------------------------------------   (Robin Melmoth) Stafford 2014 3rd place club stand, MCN Festival 2015 700+ visitors on both days! and RD2015 all successful. Other events can be supported – please contact Robin.
4.7.    Merchandise Officer      ---------------------------------   (Stewart Middleton) Sales £680 this year. Ideas for RD2016 shirts please?
4.8.    BMF Liaison Officer      --------------------------------   (Robin Melmoth) The BMF fights for the rights of all motorcyclists. Our third party liability and Employers liability insurance is included in our BMF affiliation fee of £997 this year. ACRD Committee members get a copy of the BMF magazine. Check the BMF website for discounts, services events etc. Robin represented the club at the BMF National and one make clubs annual meeting in Rugby on 27.7.2015 (Members are reminded that the BMF Discount code is ARC15R429 this year)
4.9.    Technical Officer   ----------------------------------------------   (Kingsley Davis) A quiet year as most issues are resolved on the forum. Kingsley requested that only his email contact should be published in Well ‘Ard.
4.10.    Newsletter Editor   ----------------------------------------------   (Derek Freegard) Printing costs have been reduced slightly but postage costs continue to rise. A franking machine has been considered but is not currently viable. All articles wanted however small and photos too please.
Item. 5. Club Specialists reports
5.1.   Health and Safety Officer   ----------------------------------   (Robin Melmoth acting) - Ian Neil resigned 16th Jan 2015 Risk assessments are prepared for each event as necessary by Robin as required by event venues and BMF insurance.
5.2.    MAG Liaison Officer      ---------------------------------   (Robin Melmoth) MAG represents rider’s interests at the highest political levels. This years affiliation fee is £235. Check the MAG website for discounts, services events etc.      
5.3.    DVLA Dating Officer   ---------------------------------   (Paul Dawkins) No Report. Service still available to Club members only.
5.4.    Project X Co-ordinator   ---------------------------------   (Paul Dawkins) No Report. The RD is still available to borrow by members.
5.5.   MOT test advisor   ---------------------------------------------   (Vacant) No Report.
5.6.   Webmaster. ------------------------------------------------------   (Barrie Mason) Barrie reported that the Website and Forum is running well. 2890 forum members, 16.5 million hits. No down time. Spam Filters working ok. Please offer any suggestions for further improvements.
5.7.   Website Moderators.  ------------------------------------------   (Gary Tredgett and others) Gary reported no problems this year.

Item. 6. Committee Post Nominations/Elections.
6.1.    Lifetime President. (Not Applicable) Ric Naylor (As founder he remains in post)
6.2.    Chair (man/woman)    Gary Attenborough - elected unopposed.
6.3.    Vice Chair (man/woman)   Phil Lightfoot – re-elected unopposed.      
6.4.    Treasurer.      Barrie Mason – re-elected unopposed.
6.5.    Membership Secretary   Paul White nominated - elected unopposed.   
6.6.    Events Officer   .    Robin Melmoth – re-elected unopposed.
6.7.    Merchandise Officer    Stewart Middleton – re-elected unopposed.
6.8.    BMF Liaison Officer      Robin Melmoth – re-elected unopposed.
6.9.    Technical Officer      Kingsley Davies – re-elected unopposed.
6.10.    Newsletter Editor       Derek Freeguard – re-elected unopposed
Item. 7. Club Specialists Nominations/Elections.
7.1.   Health and Safety Officer   Gary Attenborough - elected unopposed.
7.2.    MAG Liaison Officer      Robin Melmoth – re-elected unopposed.
7.3.    DVLA Dating Officer   Paul Dawkins – re-elected unopposed.
7.4.    Project X Co-ordinator   Paul Dawkins – re-elected unopposed.
7.5.   MOT test advisor         Kingsley Davies - elected unopposed.
7.6.   Webmaster.       Barrie Mason – re-elected unopposed.
7.7.   Website Moderators.     (Non elected Club Specialist posts)
7.8.   Any other Posts.      To be considered by the meeting. None considered.

Item. 8. Constitution. (as published in Well A’rd issue 59 August 2009)
The Meeting to consider the following proposal and offer any alternative proposals prior to a vote.

Proposal No.1. by John Birch.
Change the wording at point 11. Dissolution - from:
“In the event that The Club is dissolved for whatever reason, any remaining funds will be distributed to a charity/charities of the committee’s choice”
“In the event that The Club is dissolved for whatever reason, any remaining funds will be distributed to the members”
The meeting discussed the practicalities of distributing 600 plus potentially very small sums of money in the case of the above event and concluded that the committee would pursue a suitable wording to comply with the applicable legislation but hopefully with a rider that when members join they agree that in the event of the club being dissolved their share of the remaining funds would be given to a charity/charities yet to be decided.

Item.9. Membership Cards and Fees – Discussion and possible proposals.
Do we need Membership cards and if so should there be an additional charge for them?
Most clubs use Membership cards to sign on at meetings and events and show authorisation for voting.
They are required to attend some BMF and MAG events/conferences and obtain discounts from these organisations and others.

Discussion concluded that the Club name, membership number, expiry date and BMF/MAG affiliation should all be included on the address labels used when posting out Well ‘Ards and would be a suitable substitute for membership cards once cut out. Online applications already offer a facility to print off a membership card if the applicant choses to. (downloadable pdf file)

Item.10. Rally Venue./ AGM
Discussion 2015 and in future The meeting decided to return to DRFC subject to satisfactory terms being agreed with the DRFC management.   Since the meeting Robin Melmoth and Gary Attenborough have booked DRFC for the 8th, 9th and 10th of July 2016 for RD2016.

Item 11. Any other business.
Robin would like expressions of interest from members interested in showing their bikes at Stafford on 16, 17, 18 October 2015.

Personal statement by Gary Attenborough - The tax issue being dealt with by himself and Robin following the 2013 AGM as nominated committee members was “Hijacked” by a non-committee member and an ex-committee member in an unacceptable and offensive manner. To avoid any similar situations arising in future all committee members should communicate with each other in order to update progress on specific issues. Forum postings and updates in Well ‘Ard should be issued when appropriate. Enquiries can then be directed to the appropriate committee member if required.

Suggestion relating to Membership forms. Gary Attenborough suggested that membership forms should include optional questions asking which models of RDs you own and whether you would consider displaying them at events.

Item .12. AGM Closed at 11.30am
 --  Articles always needed

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Re: AGM Minutes 2015
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Thank you Del (and Robin) for posting the Minutes
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Re: AGM Minutes 2015
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Thanks Del
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