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AGM minutes 2013
« on: November 28, 2013, 12:43:52 PM »
Aircooled RD Club
RD 2013 AGM Minutes (10 am, Sunday 7th July 2013)
Venue : Derby Rugby Club. Haslams Lane, Darley Abbey, Derby. DE22 1EB .
Present: Gary Attenborough, Phil Lightfoot, Robin Melmoth, Stu Middleton, Derek Freegard, Barrie Mason, Kingsley Davies, Paul Dawkins, Ian Neil, Ann Melmoth, Lucie Melmoth, Clive Griffin, Andy Hargreaves, Tony Durkin, Andrew Walton, Dave Ellis, Chris De Wolf, K. Howard, David James, Martin Newlyn, Gary Tredgett, Peter Neill, Dave Ikin, Roy Bolter, Kevin Martin, Ian Tweddle, Gary Fewster, Tony Wall, Peter Spicer, Pete Nichols, Mike Laughton, Dave Bowers, Vincent Walker.

 Apologies for absence: Graham Howie.
Agree Minutes of last meeting – RD2012 AGM (published in “Well A’RD” issue 71 – Autumn 2012) Agreed.
Matters Arising from the minutes of the last meeting (if not covered in items below or AOB): None.

Item 4.Committee Member Reports.   ----------------------------------   (Current Member)
4.1.    Lifetime President.      ----------------------------------   (Ric Naylor) No Report.
4.2.    Chair man.      ----------------------------------   (Gary Attenborough)
General welcome. Generally running smoothly. Thanks to Webmaster Barrie Mason and the rest of the committee
4.3.    Vice Chair man      ----------------------------------   (Phil Lightfoot)
   All ok, nothing extra to add.
4.4.    Treasurer.   ----------------------------------------------   (Graham Howie)
   On his behalf Robin stated bank balance as £6381.89 and Pay pal as £590.59 in credit.
4.5.    Membership Secretary   ---------------------------------   (Ian Neil)
Stated current membership as 502 and rising, but usually reduces again in October as renewals start again. Ian stated that this would be his last year in post so any member interested in taking on this post from July 2014, please contact the Chair (3MA), the Vice Chair (OldRDuser) or Ian (saddler) via this forums Private Messaging,.
4.6   Health and Safety Officer   ----------------------------------   (Ian Neil)
   No issues to report. Risk assessments are prepared for events as necessary by Robin and/or Ian.
4.7.    Merchandise Officer   ---------------------------------   (Stuart Middleton)
Stated range now includes T shirts, Fleeces, Sweatshirts, caps, badges, mugs, stickers. Will continue to advertise in the newsletter and on the forum.
4.8.    Events Officer   ----------------------------------------------   (Robin Melmoth)
Stafford 2012, BMF 2013 and RD2013 all successful and income generally covers costs. Balance sheets are produced for each event. Members attending any other events as “The Club” need to inform the Events Officer and Health and Safety Officer in advance for our insurance to be valid. Robin is happy to help with other events when other members take the lead.
4.9.    BMF Liaison Officer   ---------------------------------   (Robin Melmoth)
The BMF continues to fight for the rights of all motorcyclists.  Our third party liability and Employers liability insurance is purchased through the BMF. Check the BMF website for discounts, services events etc. (Members BMF Discount code is ARC13L813 this year)
4.10.    MAG Liaison Officer   ---------------------------------   (Robin Melmoth)
MAG represents rider’s interests at the highest political levels. Check the MAG website for discounts, services events etc.
4.11    DVLA Dating Officer   ---------------------------------   (Paul Dawkins)
Still proving successful and generates substantial income for the club.
4.12    Project X Co-ordinator   ---------------------------------   (Paul Dawkins)
Project bike continues to be used, shown and improved by members around the country.
4.13   MOT test advisor   ---------------------------------------------   (Paul Dawkins) All ok.
4.14.    Technical Officer   ----------------------------------------------   (Kingsley Davis)
Enquiries by email are answered promptly but a lot are now answered on the forum by other members.
4.15.    Newsletter Editor   ----------------------------------------------   (Derek Freegard)
Please keep sending in your articles and photos. No problems with printers. Surplus flyers will be sent out with news letters to help spread the word about the club.
4.16.   Webmaster. ------------------------------------------------------   (Barrie Mason)
   New website now up and running ok.
4.17.   Website Moderators.  ------------------------------------------   (Phil Lightfoot/Gary Attenborough)
   Only one significant issue this year which has now been resolved. New forum is more user friendly.

Item. 5. Committee Post Nominations/Elections.
5.1.    President. (No election)      Ric Naylor (As founder he remains in post)
5.2.    Chair (man/woman)      Gary Attenborough remains in post unchallenged
5.3.    Vice Chair (man/woman)      Phil Lightfoot remains in post unchallenged.
5.4.    Treasurer.         Graham Howie remains in post unchallenged.
5.5.    Membership Secretary      Ian Neil remains in post unchallenged.
5.7.    Merchandise Officer       Stuart Middleton remains in post unchallenged.
5.8.    Events Officer         Robin Melmoth remains in post unchallenged.
5.9.    BMF Liaison Officer      Robin Melmoth remains in post unchallenged.
5.10.    MAG Liaison Officer      Robin Melmoth remains in post unchallenged.
5.11    DVLA Dating Officer      Paul Dawkins remains in post unchallenged.
5.12    Project X Co-ordinator      Paul Dawkins remains in post unchallenged.
5.13   MOT Test Advisor         Paul Dawkins remains in post unchallenged.
5.14.    Technical Officer         Kingsley Davies remains in post unchallenged.
5.15.    Newsletter Editor           Derek Freegard remains in post unchallenged.
5.16.   Webmaster.         Barrie Mason remains in post unchallenged.
5.17.   Website Moderators.      See Website. (regulated by existing moderators)
5.18.   Any other post suggestions?    None

Item 6. Constitution. (as published in Well A’rd issue 59 August 2009)
Discussion, and any possible amendments. Will be amended as required following resolution of the issue below.
Club Status, and whether it needs to be changed to protect members and/or committee members, was considered by the meeting.
Peter Neill stated that he believes that we should have been liable for corporation tax since 2006.
Paul Dawkins was concerned that our club’s current status, by not being a limited company, may expose our committee and even possibly our members to claims for liability in the event of an incident if our insurers refuse to honour the claim.
Robin stated that we are already very cautious in our behaviour and do not own any premises or advertise ride outs. We always ensure that venues are suitable for purpose and prepare risk assessments for major events.
Possible solutions suggested at the meeting included: “consider becoming a Ltd. Co.”, “consider becoming a section of a larger club”, “consider calling ourselves volunteers” and “consider publishing definite disclaimers”.
Further research, particularly by Committee members (coordinated by Gary and Robin), Into this area of concern will take place by contacting the British Motorcyclists Federation, Motorcycle Action Group, Inland Revenue, other established clubs and others with the relevant knowledge and experience.
The meeting agreed to postpone any immediate action until this research has been completed and proposed a further meeting for interested parties at the Stafford Show.

Item.7. Membership fees
£15 (UK) at present but will be reviewed after outcome and any extra costs incurred by Item 6 above.

Item.8. Rally Venue./ AGM
Discussion 2013 and in future. Venue accepted by the meeting as ok. Extra porta loos will be ordered for next year to enable some to be open all day on the Rally field..

Item 9. Any other business. Donnington Show 9th, 10th, 11th August, Club Static display is being coordinated by Dave Ikin (Fizzy Dog on the forum)

Item .10. AGM Closed at 11.27 am

I have removed some telephone numbers and email addresses from these minutes before posting on the forum due to internet security concerns. Del (superdel)
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