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Yoshinari Matsushita.
« on: June 06, 2013, 05:56:12 PM »
not sure if this is true, but if he did write this to be read on his death I say RESPECT to you Yoshinari Matsushita.

Words from the late Yoshinari Matsushita.

"I’m sorry, friends, that I can’t be with you here today.
If you’re all gathered reading this, it means I’ve passed away.
But if I were there I’d tell you not to shed a tear or frown.
I’d tell you just to simply say, “Another Biker has gone down.”

If I were there I’d tell you I have no more pain or strife,
That I loved my friends and family, and I had a wonderful life.
If I were there, I’d tell you how I loved how riding makes me feel,
I loved the twisty and fast roads, and the power at the back wheel.

There's nothing else quite like it to make you feel alive,
To get that bend just right, and exit throttle on and drive,
I'm sorry I've gone early and I will miss you all,
But In my last moments I was happy, and that's the best way to fall.
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